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"The Cup" is an animation/3D simulation  inspired by concept of topology, The artist play with realistic and natural elements,  into digital imagination.

The concept came from previous digital collage series with stones and clouds and water elements.

Exhibition Dates:

Xiang Shan Art Museum, Shen Zhen. 

05/04-06/05 2019.

Guo Feng Art, Shen Zhen. 

11/04-5/4 2019.

5.display4 copy.png

The Cup (2018)

3D animation,

Display size Variable to space fall(digital sculpture assemblag

A digital collage series created surrounding natural elements such as stone and clouds . An observation about deceptiness in both real and digital simulation world.

Untitled 01, (2018)

Digital Collage Animation

The Tube (2017)


The Tube is performance by Frankie Zhang around Hong Kong Beach. This human sculpture concept is inspired by buddhist idea of "impermanence".

Exhibition Info:

Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong

July 2017

2.disclosure exhibition.JPG
2.disclosure 23.5 8bit copy.jpg

Dream of dream (2016)

experimental film

Dream of dream is an experimental film using overlapping projectors and camera glitches.

Exhibition Info:

Vision Factory, Shen Zhen

February 2017

3.dream of dream.JPG
3.dream of dream on site.JPG
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