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Zhang Bixiao (The ElectroPoetics)

Bixiao Zhang is a digital artist and PhD candidate at RMIT University living in Naarm(Melbourne). Her practice-led research, a fluid entity termed “The ElectroPoetics,” proposes a performative approach to digital media and algorithmic architecture driven by the convergence of Chinese Shanshui(mountain-water) Thought, feminist eco-poetics, and aspects of electro-dynamism. As a praxis of care, her performative digital media approach situates dynamic digital substrates for interspecies resonance and polyphonic transformative events.  Bixiao won the 2021 Dean’s Award for her research project; she mainly engaged in public art projects and residencies in the Asia Pacific before 2020. Her latest projects include an artist residency at the Centre for Projection Art (Australia), a research residency at Post Humanist Art Network (San Francisco), Posthuman Lecture Theatre Hack with Contemporary Art and Social Transformation, RMIT, and Photo 2024 (International Festival of Photography), Melbourne, Australia.

Full Biography

Selected Exhibitions

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2024, group exhibition.               “Future Anterior”, Blindside Gallery, PHOTO 2024,                                                         City of Melbourne,

2024  Public Screening.              “Enlivening Decay”, Federation Square, City of                                                              Melbourne

2023, group exhibition                 “(Un)home, being towards space,” Collective                                                                  Polyphony Festival, Testing Ground, Melbourne

2023, Art Festival.                         Gertrude Street Projection Festival                                                                               ”Convergence,” Gertrude Street, City of Yarra

2023 Solo Exhibition                   "E-motion Cloud", Prahran Square, Light Up                                                                   Stonnington program by Just Another Agency                                                             and Centre for Projection Art

2023 Group Exhibition                "Through Time and Space", Chinese                                                                               Museum Australia, Australian Embassy China

2023 Group Exhibition.               "Sky Light", Mission to Seafarers Victoria, Centre                                                         for Projection Art

2022 Group Exhibition                "XENNOVERSE", The Space Gallery,

                                                        San Francisco

2022 Screening Event                "New organs of perception", Composite Moving                                                             Image Agency and Media Bank, Collingwood,                                                               Victoria


2022 Screening Event                "Filmic Campfire", Bunjil Place, Victoria

2022 group exhibition                "Interplay", Environmental Film Festival                                                                         Australia, Footscray Community Arts

2022 group exhibition                "The humbleness and the cutaway",                                                                               Blindside, Victoria

2021 Art Festival                         Hua Niao Island International Art Festival #2

                                                      Shang Hai, China

2019 group exhibition                "The Edge Of Time",

                                                      Art XiangShan Gallery, Shen Zhen, China

2017 group exhibition                 "Beyond Freedom",

                                                     Cattle Depot Art Village, Hong Kong

2016  solo exhibition                 “Thought on Thoughtlessness” ,

                                                     HK Youth Square, Hong Kong



2022~2023                                  Centre for Projection Art, Australia

2022~2023                                  Post Humanist Art Network (Foreign                                                                              Objekt, San Francisco)

2021                                             Hua Niao Island Public Art Festival, China


2017                                             R:ead #5 , Tokyo Cultural Foundation, Hong Kong                                                        Cattle Depot Art Village


2023                                             The ElectroPoetics: performing co-created                                                                  beinghoods from the electronic world, Findings,                                                          Annual Collection of Graduate Creative                                                                          Arts Writing, The Australian Council of University                                                        Art and Design Schools

2023                                             In praise of the humming tube: a performative                                                            review of Half Sound Half Philosophy:                                                                          Aesthetics, Politics, and History of China’s sound                                                        art (Jing wang, author), Journal of Sonic Studies


2021                                             Dean’s Award for Academic                                                                                            Excellence and Contribution to the Program,

                                                      RMIT University

2020 Film Festival Shortlist       JMMK Film Festival #12

                                                      Galeri Pangdeng, Indonesia




Yie,Liu. The 2nd Flower and Bird Island International Art Festival is open! The moving art museum on the sea is waiting for you to pick up the beautiful summer memories, Sohu News, July 2021

Yun, Guo. Exhibition News | The Edge of Time-2019 Bay Area Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sohu News, May 2019


L.S.Y. Salon Review | A New Observation of National Style——MEET Shenzhen Youth Art and Local Practice, Guo Feng Art Museum, April 2019


Related Experiences

2023                 Media and projection design, Weave Movement Theatre, VIC, 2023

2021                  Curatorial Internship, Contemporary Art and Social                                                     Transformation, RMIT University

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