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flowers in the mirror,
2016, photography series

scanner is not only a tool to create precise digital copies 


 it also has its own imagery world


flowers, bird and all the nature world


the mirroring world of scanner captures them 


 sometimes overwhelmingly real but other times almost unreal


like the tale of “flowers in the mirror”


Collaboration with contemporary dance group "Peng Yu",  Visual collaborator

photos by Frankie Zhang,

thought on thoughtlessness. 2016, photography series

“thought on thoughtlessness” is a series of conceptual photography which the framing is not decided by the photographer but by chance.

 Inspired by buddhist phenomenology and the use of chance in I-ching, 

click to see detail of series

exhibition installation view, 2016

action film,
2015, photography series

alternative pinhole camera, using full strip of 35mm color film, the pattern on the film forms unique pattern recording the specific movement of exposure time, hence action film.

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