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Does it make me a more legitimate or qualified Melbourne resident or more “local” in easier terms, after I learned the word “womindjeka”, and announce my respect towards the aboriginals? As a Chinese international students, I was also overwhelmed by the self sustained Chinese community in Melbourne, not just the restaurant, but an inner circle of life style and economy. There is more supermarket and restaurant that accepts payment apps from China like WeChat and Alipay etc.  than in Hong Kong, and lots of Japanese Drug store that are runner by Chinese, and even delivery apps  that can be run in full Chinese mode.


When I was wondering the main streets of Melbourne, I encountered a Chinese rice noodle restaurant where people are lining up outside, Almost every one seem to be Chinese, both the people queuing up and the people dining inside, and the staff that come outside to take count of the people lining up ask directly in Chinese with no hesitation. I queued up out of curiosity , with the intention to experience how “authentic” the restaurant is to the ones in China. The whole experience was quite bizarre, the restaurant had very Morden Chinese Hit songs played in the background, with almost every customer and every staff communicating in Chinese.While the menu is in Chinese with small English captions, and the hot rice noodle is very Chinese fast food style , and you can write your order in Chinese.The only thing that  will giveaway its Chinese-ness is the prices are in Australian Dollars, but with the acceptance of payment apps like WeChat I don’t need to even have Australian Dollar to pay.

So I have another idea in my mind, will I be able to get away with living in Melbourne , but like living in China?  I ban my self for using Australian dollars and shopping or dining from anywhere who doesn't accept Chinese app payment, I restrict myself to only speak Chinese, and only communicate with people that can speak Chinese, and last but not least to only receive information that are in Chinese too. For a week I was trying to see if I would be still living smoothly in Melbourne. To question my own authenticity.

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