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Made by Chinese 1-07

Digital Photography Series,

Made in China objects,

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From my last work “Sustaining my ethnicity” I naturally start to notice the things that are made in China from my apartment. And one day When I start to prepare for breakfast I suddenly think, wow these are all made in china aren't they? And I was right, the objects in the picture above, are all made in China. Some of them I purchased, some of them are from the standard equipments that came with the apartment.  

It reminds me of the experience I had at a Berlin Hotel last year, where I sat at the lobby for a while. Is a very modern and fashionable style hotel, with the colourful bean bags and the irregular shaped table and such. But after a while I have this strange instinct that all of this is made in China. And I was right. I have since think about what all this means, what is a object that has appearance and familiarity in the western culture and mostly western companies, that are made in China, and what does it mean to the people that are using those products? 

Of course not all products are manufactured all in China, to me is also about what does these made in China products mean for me, as Chinese, too. Does these objects, belong to the essence of western culture, or where they are created? In someway, this project is the opposite direction of “Sustaining my ethnicity”. I decide to imitate and learn to do the western “still life”, using the objects that are in my living room, my life, that are made in China, as a way to parallel the imitation process of Chinese making the product.

Project Update


Made by Chinese 08

Made in China objects from Yang Zi

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Made by Chinese 09

Made in China objects from Jesse

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Made by Chinese 10

Made in China objects from Gao and Xiao

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