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"Appropr/pirate" by Glitch Artist Rosa Menkman

A collection of non-consensual copied and pirated products using the originally glitch work of Menkman's self portrait, this image becomes album cover, clothing and wall paper etc. through the spread of internet. It is a interesting process to shift from glitch art that poke fun at our hyper-real society yet back to a capital-driven image-flooding world again, nothing seems to be immune to this online spectacle.

From a slightly different angle I always wonder if this convenience of internet helps us to understand image better or worse, for example if I only rely on the internet to help me know what is "fountain" by Duchamp, it will give me a lot of suggestion such as articles about toilet humour and merchandise about the urinal just like the ones in Rosa Menkman, as well as some economics analysis about art investment as well. A archival research on the "mutation" of information on the internet could be an unique angle to dive in as artwork.

Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 4.50.15 PM.png

A project after Appropr/pirate about images of anonymous female that are used for image processing and as test cards to evaluate quality of image.  Based on research about image bias in professional image production, a very interesting turn after the work about the artist herself being copied. The situation of image bias in gender is quite a cliche yet on going issue, as mentioned above when I searched about Duchamp's fountain there are weirdly quite a few stock footage of some female looking at the work, which is quite ironic but also revealing about the lack of adequacy of online browsing.


by repeating uploading the self portraits from a beautifying app, the artist's face becomes more and more alien like and abstract

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