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Touch, 2020

Live performance of me watching my own lifestream. 


This performance video is an observation of relation between Media body and meat body. Considering internet livestreams of one self as the body extension of one self, a kind of teleportation and time travel machine at the same time. While the time lag happens the representational image of myself from few seconds ago is travelling back to my self again in the present. Some sort of melt down occurs between the barrier of media representational body and the meat body, encountering  an uncanny or technological sublime experience by losing the self in digital experience. This work is also influenced by Nam June Paik’s TV Buddha, as I always wonder the difference between internet and video in each media properties. Although both internet and video cable have sense of simultaneity and time bending features, the physical process of data travelling to a server then back to the computer stream creates a feedback loop of self and extended self ( as in media body), a interesting topological structure that cancels each other out. 

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