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In 2017 I did a performance piece called "The Tube", where I dug a tube under the sand near the coast line of the beach, I filled it full with water and jumped in, the water then spills out and pours back to the sea. Recently I think more and more about it and I think it is a really important work that paved my way of thinking later. I have this understanding of passing, where the human is topologically a tube, where it connects from and connects to infinity. I also consider human as a semi-conductor, where it allow others to pass through as well as maintain the state of its own. This idea was heavily influenced by Monoha principle, Nishida Kitaro, Martin Heidegger, Zen Buddhism and Nagarjuna, and I was using basic natural element in tribute to Monoha as well. Over the years I started to think about how to apply some of the principles to different things and objects and subject matter too, not just the basic elements, In my mind maybe not intentionally I start to develop certain way to look at things, to act always like a passing. I am no mean the end or the period of anything, if anything probably the closest is hyphens. For example in "take some with you" the written words on the floor is only a passing process.


In this sense Hans Haacke's idea of system have some similar ideas about how everything influence everything, the great insights about how to interact and parallel political and social system as well as natural system. Haacke's work inspire me to expands subject matters and cross-principle thinking in my work too. My still life project had some influence by Vibrant Matter (Benett,2010), as it all started from the inter-relation of every day life objects to me, and the further development to sound objects is also influenced by Vibrant Matter, and what I did is again act as a hyphen. The way I prosecute this series of work is also acting like a tube, I just continue the imitation process of the products made, but very importantly a tube, a passing, does not means non-existence, or just a passive gesture. a tube has its passing because its existence, otherwise nothing will pass by. Same as semiconductor, which human bodies can literally conduct on certain conditions. It is a simultaneous process of passing and sustaining as beings. It can be said there is a deconstruction element in my work too. 

The personal experience is a fundamental element in my work as well, as my work are almost all some type of performative work where I am the tube in the process. Simon Starling, Sophie Calle and Susan Hiller has influence on me as well although they are  new discovery for me, I am very inspired by Starling's thinking about slippage and mutables as flexibility and fluidity is very important to me as well, I also am really inspired by Hiller's alternative archiving work, as mentioned before, I do not like to add a period to my work, I think about the passing and the inter-relations, her work has taught me some new ways to pass on information as art. 

List of people that I am most influenced by at the moment (In no particular order):

Lee Ufan, Koji Enokura, Kishio Suga, Nishida Kitaro, Nagarjuna, Simon Starling, Susan Hiller, Sophie Calle, Hans Haacke, Jane Bennett, Hannah Arendt, Bell Hooks, Judith Butler, Homi Bhabha, Martin Heidegger, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jacque Derrida, Hubert Dreyfus, Deleuze and Guattari.

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