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For this semester there has been un-ignorable conditions that I have to face along with the limitation of my work of mode. I usually work around situations in my life and the way I deal with certain situations often becomes my art work. The isolation shuts down a lot of the social environment and interaction and it starts to become a state of nothingness but only the internet communication as substitute for the in person. I am forced into enclosed physical space and a virtual open space, where I have to think about making art about nothing and boredom. In fact I don’t think I have changed the way I create art work, it is still about dealing with situations in life, just a mundane one that I have never experienced before.


I have come to the terms of Technological sublime when I was researching about sublime with my video works at the beginning of semester, which happens to synchronise with the situation I am in 

Right now and explains a lot about what I feel in terms of anxiety and numbness. Which made me decide to start exploring the moment of life I feel limited while dealing with the technology world especially when using virtual interaction instead of real ones. The idea of showing the code of a 3d simulation came to my mind while exploring the technological sublime, which comes from the anxiety I feel when dealing with 3D software, the boring complicity of precision while creating a virtual scene, that the codes has little resemblance to the picture at all, I am also influenced by Art and Language groups conceptual studies, such as “Secret Painting (1967)”, while considering the way to depict the outcome of my work, as how to point to the “background” of a realistic 3D simulation. The concept of “Black box” in technology is also one of the aspect while choosing the codes instead of images, while programming and how algorithm work becomes so complex and autonomous that it is difficult for people to try to understand how things actually works. The Choice of Ocean comes from inspiration of Ocean as a symbol of Maritime adventure, a symbol of nature sublime in the Romanticism period, which I consider would be a good way to open dialog between the difference of nature sublime and Technological Sublime.



I also tried different approach which are more incentive than “Ocean” which I was actually initially inspired by Christoph Migone’s sound pieces such as “Hit Parade” and “Publick”. Although I am not creating sound art with my mind in “Valerie” and “10 Mega Bite” I was influenced by the way Migone plays with sound technology with an active and raw approach, the aspect of human being’s action and reaction to technology, in some way . The interaction of technology and human creates an resonance that continuing its feed back to each other. I also consider this is the first stage of me encountering technology sublime where I rely more on the incentive and reflective behaviour when I can feel the boredom and anxiety while dealing with technological sublime, which is inspired by the Gutai artists manifesto of relation with human spirit and matter. In this case although I am continuing to research about new media art I try not to intentionally categorise it, while I consider encountering technology the same as other encounters I have before regarding my mode of artistic practice. 

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