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I think about the relation instead of subject-object. And I don't believe in solid answer. The only constant is that change continues. During the journey of my art creations, I have come to a state to make art as a way to deal with my own situations. In Lee Ufan's work, he demonstrate the relational state of things and the tension before actions. A tension of persistence and a tendency to change, a conflict of emergence, like Basho from Nishida Kitaro.  For me, I think about how do I act upon conflict and emergence. A bit similar to Enokura Koji's urge of merging with ocean and nature but not quite. I consider myself a tube, a semi-conductor, or the passing, like the fluidity of water. Things come and go, and people often does not realise that we are constantly inhaling and exhaling, and constantly drinking and sweating. We even conduct electricity. Being half-transparent might be the best way for me to explain Nishida Kitaro's "absolutely contradictory self-identity". I throw myself into the questions I have, such as in "take some with you", but I am only the passing, not the destination. I don't believe in destination anyway. 

I don't think anything just jump out of nowhere. Every thing have a passing from something else and is passing something to another . When I look at a tea cup, there is already a process of it being made, and now I drink from the cup. What's its effect on me? For me this way of thinking especially helps me to ask better questions, to provoke some possibilities but not conclusion. When it is a Chinese made western style tea cup, what does it mean? When I did a week of sustaining my ethnicity  I question what makes the definition of ethinicity  as well as what makes a place to be defined. Is it the food, the language, the media, the social circle? In Jane Bennet's theory of vitality of matter, I guess it is a bit of everything. In the sense of vibrant matter I am not out of it, I am a part of it as well, the relation between me and my situation, is the relation from everything and to everything. I am in the world and the world is in me, I should be able  to reflect from the world to myself and vice versa. When you look at the element of everyday life, it have all the hints to some bigger picture, and often when some ideas and issues seem so far away from us, it always seeps in to our life, it has impacts to everyone.

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