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In process of exploring what technological sublime means to me, the relation of human body and new media technology becomes a crucial point, as in Morioka Yoshitomo's essay "Media and body" from Kyoto University of Art and Design, the tools of internet and social media extend our bodies in both space and time that we also diffuse ourselves in, in the book Haunted media the boundaries of virtual and real, human and technology are blurred , muted. the paradoxical existence in relation to human and new media inspired me to play with the relationship. The cut-connectness of internet and new media experience , mentioned in Suga Kishio's notes on video system is unique to itself as a form of technological sublime. In my projects regarding the technological I focused on exploring my relational experience  with different types of new media. The attitude of my approach is more so influenced by relational Aesthetics and Martin creed, where I focus on simultaneous response and experience within technology and me as user.  Such as touching sound (speaker) during lifestream, while having the vibration as an extension of others "body" in super extended form through the wires of internet,  a unique form of post-human connection. In "Nice to meet you" it is a endless echo of mirages of human self, that withe the concept of ripple of time, a form of transportation and cause of delay, the virtual cyber space that has its physical travel of servers and camera coders, a feedback loop of teleportation. 

The documentary by Farocki regarding the history of gaming design helps give some historical context in the sense of cut-connectness of new media as a anxious bodily experience , while in the game people can be dead and alive endlessly, the doppelgänger of self that is not self in a virtual  environment relies on the meat Bodies command but simultaneously strips away the bodily as well. It is necessary to mention the influence of Nam June Paik, and TV Buddha, a work that marks the age of video, there is a interesting difference in the sense of simultaneity  in simple  video signals and video life stream, which makes the time lag of video life stream unique in its sense of Sublimity. While dealing with the mundanity and receptiveness of technological sublime that the living being is stuck in to a pending state of uncertainty some placed with the happenings and accidents of controlled and programmed technology, starting from Nam June Paik's magnet bending and freeing  the signals of television, Glitch art that trolls the function of beautifying apps by Rosa Menkman , or works that focus on the autonomous and unknown otherness of technology by Antoinette J.Citizen,  which I consider different ways of reactions to technological sublime,I am some how interested in what is beyond the mysterious and uncanny post-human technology or how to break off a technological system, in my works regarding the new media I tend to explore the blurriness of boundaries between the tension of human vs technology,  where anxiety arises from technological sublime, where the diffusion of body medium and new media occurs but also splitting the two away at the same time.  

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