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Nice to meet you, 2020,

Single Channel Video,

4 min 4 sec

To be reproduced, 2021

Single Channel Video,

2 min 5 sec

Ongoing series of video performance using online streaming platform, where I interact with my own media body.


This series of works interrogotes the entangled relationship between media body and mediated body in the technological sublime, it aims to evoke an indefnite sense of space, time, and the outlines of self, in observation of our own multiplied, reproduced, and mutated media bodies in technological sublime, Where the media body cease to be our mere "representation" or "extension".

Different to conventional mirrors, the "digital mirror" of internet streaming involves the physicality of data travelling and machine bodies hosting online media. The time lag phenomena of online streaming also hint towards the materiality of digital communication, making the media body relational to both digital machine and the human body, opening a crack in the seemingly virtual digital mirror.


Time Travel Mirror, 2020 

Livestream Video Installation 

(set up Image demo)

*Possible installation of a mirror like video screen that lifestreams the viewer

that passes by,

*public setup version similar to “Nice to Meet you” for realtime audience experience in real space.

時光機, 2020(示意圖)


“很高興見到你”的實體裝置版。 路過的觀眾會在鏡子形狀的視頻顯示中看到過去的自己。

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