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Notes from Mono-ha artist Kisho Suga, regarding properties of video. Although Suga is not a video artist his insights about video is inspiring to me. Suga suggested that video seems to be paradoxically both objective and non-objective at the same time to its object, while it also can bring unrelated time and space into another time and space. One of the great examples he gave is Ikebana, the clips of video is almost like bringing a branch of flower from trees to unrelated environment of living rooms. However it has ability to distort time and space more than Ikebana flowers. The video creates its own time and space that makes any lifeforms and non-lifeforms into an image of the past, the representational strips away the reality, thus having the power to steps away nuances and make signals into singular meanings. Somehow like Ikebana flowers it also hints the existence of the whole, existence of another space and time like Suga mentioned, video is not what it wants to shoot, it also feedback what it shot, that permeates perception no matter willingly or not.  The power to distort space and time is stronger in combination of video and internet, a sense of both simultaneity and difference (Derrida), while also blurring the boundaries of real and virtual in its ability to bend space and time. the cut-connectness of video and new media is what makes it distinct to other medium.

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