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I was really intrigued by "100 Conclusions" and "Flipper ABC" by Christoph Migone, the way texts and sounds performing a weird relationship,Smashing the book on its closure, flipping 100 different books start  with each A B and C's, a interesting archive and a fresh way to look at books. 

When Thinking about how text is related to sound it is really interesting, it has both connection and isolation to each other. Does the sound of the flipping describe the text well? Or can text elaborate with the sound of itself? Migone's essay on Volume (2003) , where volume is a space and amplitude of sound. The materiality of the book, it's "volume" are well played in both work.


 He also talks about human being as both subject and object, a transmission circuit

"We are not self contained, the foreign element is introduced by this very circuitry and expands infinitely outward. " (Volume 2003)

Which reminded me of my thinking  of the human being as tube/hyphen/semiconductor, where as Martina points out creating a cut-continuity, I always like to imagine a glass like tube shaped hyphenated semi-conductor, in someways maximise its existence by being the almost see through minimum existence.  There is this interesting relation about existence, and about sound as well, you need to have a void, to make sound, just like our tube like vocal chords, once again. The movement of being just moves in space, that is sound.

Hit Parade is a interesting demonstration of endless reflex of the mike it self, it's own sound of hitting the ground, amplified by itself, eventually breaks apart by the infinitely outward, that is human. exhausted of the hitting eventually. It is quite ironic and played pretty well as a transmission circuit, . But what I am more inspired by is this strange work called "Publick", a word play on licking and actually about licking, and the sound of licking, and the licked phone which is un-know to the listener until they pickup the phones.


There is the licking sound it self, the licked phone and the explanation about licking phones, and of course with the audience picking up and the "Public" environment. A visual of Migone licking becomes so vivid in my mind but I never saw the real action. It is a perfect portrait with situations and resonance of different dimensions  of the work. It intrigues me as I wonder how tasting art  will be like strangely, maybe the books are more different in licking rather than flipping. 


4 feet and 33 inches (ellipse)
4 feet and 33 inches (ellipsis)


Courtesy of Christoph Migone


Flipper ABC


Courtesy of Christoph Migone


Testing, Testing (London)


Images of performance by Cassandra Getty. Pre and post images by cm.

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