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“Every Word I Saved” series by Cristobal Mendoza


text flowing screen version


Book version


text speech software version

I find it very interesting since this work is categorised as E-poetry, A metadata of the artist's every word written and saved on the computer. It is a interesting way of showing the stream of consciousness, the writing habbit of individual, although I do not really have much interest in what someone liked to write to be completely honest, it thus made me wonder about the memory of a computer machine that is the trace of individual, the interrelation of human and computer.I can't help but think about it from the stand point of the computer. The most intriguing part for me in these works however is the different ways of depicting the meta data, which are all suited for different type of space and experience, The solidified data version which is the book, does changes the tone and the way of perception a lot, and the text speech becomes something like a text sound art which I am really interesting in exploring. the changing pitch of the repetition of words is actually another form of metadata, which inpired me to think about the possibilities of sound of metadata, 

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