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Black Box (2011-2012)

Black Box by Antoninette.J.Citizen is a blackbox device that only collects information about it's status and does nothing with it. The intension of the work seems to me about a device that's not processing data about something else but it's own existence,

which is an interesting twist of the purpose of technology, some kind of suggested technological existentialism. Somehow I am more intrigued by the concept of the blackbox, where the way data is retrieved are unknown and secretive, an otherness that's created by the device.

Searching for the End of the World (2012)

This is an interesting echo to the End of World theory in 2012 just because an ancient calendar stopped at 2012, the autonomous search by technology on google calendar is quite a humorous version in post-human era, Although I am not sure if it is the artist's intension there is certain aspect of the work that are linked to technological sublimation, again with the Black Box as well, there is a tone of autonomous otherness in the work. 

Real Time Effects (Too lazy/couldn't afford After Effects), 2012

Very humorous take on the age of visual editing and reliance of special effects, that it is almost refreshing to see the rawness of the hand held "special effect". The work actually made me think about stock footages and the "readymade" special effect that can be purchased easily, such as shutter stock, and you can even hire someone on fiver to do post editing, not to mention all the camera filter that is provided by apps, it is probably more difficult to have a raw image than a processed one nowadays.

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