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10 Mega Bite, 2020

8GB USB drive, Documentation video (10 mb)

A performance of me biting the "body" of digital data, an usb drive. The recorded video data is then stored back into the usb storage in the size of 1Omb.


The work is a compulsive action in desire of "materiality of communication", an immediacy with digital technology in the physical space, while anxiety arises from disembodied experience of digital communication.

咬字節, 2020

​一個遵循原始衝動性而產生的數碼互動作品。 作為記憶體的usb其肉身和數據字節缺乏直接的關節性,這些“記憶”和“字節”到底在哪裡? 短暫的1秒影響就有1兆字節,這一瞬產生的龐大數據世界又在哪呢?我作為一個肉身之軀又如何找到跟其接觸的方法呢?

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