top of page and Dutch artist Rosa Menkman in conversation about the 'Black Box' of digital making and racial bias in the development of technology.



Black box 

The concept of black box is very interesting as I work with 3d softwares this is quite common, game engine such as Unreal and 3D modelling software such as Maya both have visual coding function, where you only need to plug in and plug out. Even I created the game I have no idea what the full code is like and even I have I would not completely understand it since I am not a coder, not to mention the final experience of the player would not be able to get to the understanding of black box even more. The blackbox as a social term raises some interesting point about complicated social structures that no one can comprehend, like the digital black box, it is complicated and boring at the same time, something manifested by human but become its own power.

Algorithm Bias

Another interesting point is Algorithm Bias, which is also a byproduct of the black box, the algorithm on social media is getting more and more robust, which is convenient and dangerous, I find my instagram feed and shopping site recommendation becomes more and more precise and closed, almost like a digital encirclement that one could not escape, it is interesting to witness the process of internet becoming from something boundary free to virtual mind traps.

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