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On September 27 I spent a whole day in my apartment without electricity 

I was woken up by loud music from my neighbours, it is quite an ironic beginning of my no-electricity day. I then realised that I have to go to the bathroom in the dark for the whole day since there is no window in my bathroom. For the first time I noticed the erosion on the bathroom door, something I never noticed before since I move in . The day started quite peacefully then I expected. I had some simple can food and started reading, it is interesting that I am reading about new media while having no electricity on. The music never stopped from next door almost like a reminder of impossibility to avoid the electrical. The long reading then let me fall asleep in the afternoon.  When I woke up again 

it is already close to down. Things are getting more inter-esting while my room gets darker and darker. It reminds me about when I was a kid, when the electricity breaks down in our home. The family almost becomes closer in the darkness every time, with first the awkwardness of looking for torches or candles 

and matches, but somehow easier to share intimacy.  

I started this performance from the compulsive desire of pulling plugs from elec-tronics, especially when I am in public such as visiting galleries, I could not stop thinking, where are the plugs for this installation? It surprised me that this compulsiveness is actually not that common when I ask others. It does goes back to my my childhood memory again, where I watched a cartoon with a humanoid villain, that is defeated by pulling its plug that supplies its lifeline. Electronic, the Humanoid seems to be a metaphor of new media and technology altogether. While well constructed, with programs and algorithms, a mechanic ideal super human that is at the same time very fragile, electric plug is like the Achilles ankle of human technology. I guess the compulsion of mine have something to do with desire to defeat technology  to break its orders a little bit, at the end of the day isn't public spaces such gallery set-up also supported by an electrical order? Electricity is so fundamental now not only it is life stream for technology but also the live stream of human. 

While I can peek through my window to see other tenants in buildings around where I live, just like the Hitchcock film "Rear Window". I can see everything going on with my neighbour that are strangers to me, especially when I am in the dark now I can took the advantage of hiding in it. Since I cannot read at night, for the first time I spent some time actually observing my neighbours for a while. There are four apartments with lights on, the lights actually helps my room not being completely in the dark, it seems to me the task of avoiding electricity is almost impossible. Unfortunately nothing thrilling ihas happened with my version of "Rear Window". All I can see are different strangers,coincidentally being all boys, sitting in front of their computer, almost all of them playing some sort of video games,They hardly move out of their positions for the night, as nothing else happens. 



我被鄰居的響亮的音樂吵醒了,這真是我無電一天的諷刺開始。而我意識到我必須整天在黑暗中去洗手間,因為我的洗手間是沒有窗戶的。我注意到了浴室門上的腐蝕,這是我搬進來以來從未注意到的。除此之外這一天的開始很平靜。我吃了一些簡單的罐頭食品,開始閱讀,有趣的是,我在不通電的情況下正在閱讀有關新媒體的文章。音樂從未從隔壁停下來,幾乎就像在提醒我不可能避免電力。漫長的閱讀使我下午不慎入睡。當我再次醒來 天已接近黃昏。當我的房間越來越暗時,事情變得越來越有趣。它使我想起了我小的時候,家裡的電力中斷了。每次在黑暗中,家人見幾乎都會變得比平時更親近些,一邊慌張的尋找蠟燭和手電筒,也許在黑暗中更容易分享親密關係。






Scan 29 Sep 2020.jpg


Drawing in the dark from peeking outside my rear window


Hand written journal in the dark at the end of the day

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